About Labtician Théa
Welcome to Labtician Théa, Canada’s new leader in the preservative-free management of glaucoma, dry eye disease and lid hygiene.

Though Labtician Théa, a joint venture between Labtician Ophthalmics and Laboratoires-Théa of France, is new to Canada, a rich history of innovation runs deep within its two founding companies. Labtician Ophthalmics has 60 years of experience in bringing innovation to practice for eye care professionals in Canada. Laboratoires-Théa, with 150 years of history in eye care, is now Europe’s largest family-owned ophthalmology company, having built a solid reputation as the pioneer and leader in the development of preservative-free eye care treatments.

The joint venture leverages the strengths of both organizations. Labtician Théa is focused exclusively on helping Canadian eye care professionals build their practices and preserve the eye health of their patients, by delivering solutions-focused support, backed by dedicated and experienced representatives, comprehensive education and practice management programs, and highly responsive practice management specialists.

Press Release: Labtician Ophthalmics and Laboratoires Théa Announce Joint Venture

About Labtician
Labtician is a manufacturer of high-quality retinal implants and ophthalmic and oculoplastic product lines, such as silicone oil and gold lid weights. Labtician has evolved from being a manufacturer of quality ophthalmic products for the global market to also being a specialized commercialization partner for the Canadian ophthalmic market. In their capacity as a commercialization partner, they offer a “complete Canadian solution” and are involved in the entire commercialization process.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care and management of eye conditions.


About Théa
Laboratoires Théa is the leading independent pharmaceutical company in Europe dedicated to ophthalmology. Théa was the pioneer and remains the world leader in preservative-free eye care products, committed to researching, developing and bringing to market an innovative and value-driven product line for eye care professionals and their patients.